Home Remodeling Process


We know it's sometime difficult to invite strangers into your home. ValEquity works hard to first build trust, so that we can improve your comfort level and help you make more informed home remodeling decisions.

An experienced design consultant and home remodeling project manager will take the time necessary to review our process with you, so that we can set the expectations when working with us. Our goal, as always, is no surprises!

Home Remodeling Process

The very first step, is a simple phone call to introduce ourselves and get an idea of what kind of home remodeling project work you are looking for. From there, the process continues as explained below.

Home Remodeling Process Step 1

1-Meet and Greet

It's time to get acquainted. During our free on-site consultation, we will address specific details with you to fully understand the goals and vision of your home remodeling project. Budgets and time lines will also be discussed, ultimately leading to a Design Agreement.

Home Remodeling Process Step 2

2-Design Review

A dedicated ValEquity designer will visit with you and verify all the details of your project. Then, another meeting will be arranged to confirm all aspects of your home remodeling project, including scope, budget, and project schedule. The number of meetings depends on the complexity of your project.

Home Remodeling Process Step 3

3-Fine Details

A final review will be scheduled to review final plans, specific project details and to confer with one another on any outstanding questions. Once all of the plans and designs are finalized, we'll present and review the complete budget and plans.

Home Remodeling Process Step 4

4-Construction Begins

This is where we start making your dreams a reality. Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen will take your vision from the design phase and make it real. ValEquity schedules several construction reviews to make sure we are keeping you informed and that we remain on schedule.

Home Remodeling Process Step 5

5-The Reveal

This is the most exciting step! We get to turn-over what we have done, to you. ValEquity will accompany you through a final review to make sure all of the pieces of your project are correct and completed to your expectations. All that is left is the final sign-off and you are all set to enjoy your new space!

Home Remodeling Process Step 6

6-Project Follow-Up

ValEquity will check in with you a little while after your project is completed to make sure everything is still looking and working as you expected. Any minor fixes or touch ups will be done at this time. At this point, we hope you will take a couple minutes to tell your friends and neighbors about ValEquity.

It's easy to contact ValEquity! We're willing to help answer most questions or concerns within one (1) business day.
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