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Basement Remodeling

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Basement Refinishing & Remodeling


Thinking about remodeling your basement? Looking to finish your basement? Whether you have kids that have outgrown their toys or you're planning to move a relative into your home, basements sometimes need to change or adapt based on your needs.

ValEquity has successfully remodeled and finished basements around central Ohio to include a bathroom area with required plumbing installation, transitioned playrooms to a home theater showcase and transformed boring slabs into a game/bar area. We will work with you to make sure your basement gets the upgrade you deserve.

ValEquity Basement Refinishing

Basement Renovation Project Examples

Creating Useful Living Space

The basement is an often forgotten possibility when it comes to adding living space for family and friends to enjoy. Do you want to create a home office? A workout area? A place to gather for the big game?

Really, the possibilities are endless. ValEquity has helped countless customers create and design their dream basements, utilizing current styles and accessories, resulting in reclaimed living space that they will enjoy for several years to come.

Different Budgets for Different Ideas

The first question everyone wants to know is "how much will it cost to remodel my basement?" There are many factors that will affect the costs of a basement renovation project. Basic construction issues will always arise. Such as repairs, client selections for cabinets, appliances, tile/stone, adding space, as well as whether or not things need to be moved around. All of this becomes a factor in determining the price.

Basic Basement Remodel

The Basic Basement Remodel

Sometimes all you need is that one isolated room for a kids playroom or home office. ValEquity will help you create a brand new area of your home, in a space that was rarely used.

So when you need extra space and the budget may be a little tight, start small. We can help you achieve your basic basement updates to create the added room you need, customized just for you. When you are ready, we can help design the rest of the basement.

Moderate Basement Remodel

The Moderate Basement Remodel

When you want to leave the utility side of the basement the way it is, but use the rest for a nice area that you can use to relax and enjoy, consider ValEquity for your moderate basement remodeling project.

We'll help you design and create the necessary separation between work and play, while still maintaining the quality and timeliness that you would expect in a basement refinishing project.

Luxury Basement Remodel

The Luxury Basement Remodel

Once the decision is made to utilize the entire basement area as a complete living and entertainment area, ValEquity is the team to contact to help make that a reality!

We specialize in creating attractive and ergonomic living areas out of what many people consider "wasted space." Our friendly design staff and construction experts will create a basement that you may not want to leave.

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