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Bathroom Remodeling Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling

Renovating a half bath, updating a guest/kids bath or remodeling the primary bathroom that is used on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Our design team understands that you are looking for a bathroom that provides both comfort and serenity.

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ValEquity Bathroom Remodeling

Update, Renovate and Remodel - Defined

Our process begins by understanding the difference between needing to renovate, remodel or simply update. The terms remodeling and renovation are often used interchangeably, but they are technically different processes.

You might remove a tub for a larger walk-in shower. Take some space from a bedroom for a larger walk-in closet. The transformation is bigger than it would be for a renovation, but both options can yield jaw-dropping results.

For the most part, a bathroom renovation is more affordable than bathroom remodeling. There is less work involved because there is no need to reconfigure the space.

There is a third option on the table that needs to be considered. You don't have to renovate or remodel your bathroom to see a change. You could simply update it to change some elements of the appearance. Updating the tub enclosure or a tub conversion, upgrading the lighting, refacing the vanity with new cabinet hardware, and a new paint color could have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of the bathroom.

Should I Update, Renovate or Remodel My Bathroom?

This choice entirely depends on your current bathroom, future goals, and overall budget. If your bathroom is already in the best layout for the space, you may only need to update or renovate the room. If you have a lot of wasted or unused space in your bathroom, you might need a full remodel. Consider how much you have to spend on the project and how your efforts will affect the value of your home. Then find a solution that addresses your functional needs without going over budget.

Tub Surround

The Tub Surround

Many of the first calls we receive regarding bathroom renovations are due to an existing plumbing issue in the home. We provide many practical and beautiful solutions to update your tub surround. Whether it is a decade with a builder grade drop in surround or a poor tile job from the previous owner, we can provide a permanent remedy.

Tub Conversion

The Tub Conversion

You may be looking to convert your soaker tub/shower combination to a functional, classic shower stall. Whether you prefer easy to clean options or tile, our design team can offer solutions in a variety of configurations tailored to your specific style.

Bathroom Renovation

The Renovation

If you are looking to overhaul your bathroom with a fresh look without changing your existing bathroom layout, ValEquity has the experience and expertise to bring that to reality. A bathroom renovation typically includes a new wet area with updated plumbing fixtures, vanity, countertops, lighting and flooring all while keeping the same functional layout you already enjoy.

Bathroom Remodel

The Remodel

When the time is right to completely rethink your existing bathroom layout, it is time to call ValEquity Construction. Our design team will provide you with friendly advice and leadership to make your bathroom dreams a reality.

We will collaborate on a customized plan that is both functional and appealing. This will breathe new life into the most used room of your house through our design process, craftsmanship and quality of materials. Your investment will be appreciated for years to come.